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CheckmarkBrake Services

What goes up must come down, and what moves forward must eventually stop; especially when it comes to your vehicle. Proper brake function is a must. The sounds and vibrations of failing brakes should never be “put-off till tomorrow” or drowned out by turning up the radio. The squeaking, grinding, and vehicle vibrations you hear when the brakes are applied are your vehicle’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Don’t ignore your vehicle’s warnings, listen closely and call us at A&A Auto Repair. Our experienced and through mechanics take all precautions necessary to ensure brake systems and braking components perform at optimal levels.


If you apply the brakes and notice any of the following symptoms we recommend contacting us for a comprehensive brake system inspection:

  • Soft or spongy brake pedal resulting in increased slowing or stopping times
  • Vehicle vibrations
  • Squeaking or grinding
  • Brake Warning Light comes on

*It is suggested to have your brakes checked at least once a year.


CheckmarkHeating & A/C Repair

Living in Minnesota means we rely heavily on both our vehicle’s heat and air conditioning features. Our winter months are sub-zero and temps in the summer often spike into the 90s, and as luck would have it, that’s typically when something goes wrong. Fortunately we are here to tackle all of your automotive heating and air conditioning issues.

  • Heater Core Repair / Replacement
  • Thermostate Repair
  • A/C Recharge Services
  • A/C Compressor Repair / Replacement
  • A/C Leak Testing & Repair

From part replacement to preventative servicing, we can make sure you continue to drive in comfort. Contact us if issues arise or to schedule a pre-season inspection of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems.


CheckmarkEngine Repair & Tune Ups

Unlike brake or A/C issues, automotive engine issues are quite a bit more difficult to determine, mainly because they're often intermittent, coming and going at random. Diagnosing these intermittent issues takes modern and advanced industry diagnostic equipment, which we utilize on a daily basis at A&A Auto Repair. Upon pin-pointing the issue our trained mechanics can quickly determine and implement the most effective solution, getting you back on the road quickly and safely. Along with correcting unexpected engine malfunctions, we can perform basic yet vital tune-ups to assist in preventing costly repairs in the future.

  • Visual Inspection of Engine Components
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Timing and Idle Setting (if applicable)
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Fuel Filter Replacement


CheckmarkOil Changes

You fill the gas tank because it goes empty, you fill your washer fluid because it goes empty, well the same cannot be said for your oil. Today's newer vehicles don't typically burn through oil; however, they do use all of its' lubricating attributes every time you turn the key. While your oil tank isn't empty (and if it is your vehicle is definitely in trouble), the oil still needs to be changed. Regularly scheduled oil changes are vital to maintaining a healthy engine. With scheduled oil changes, whether so many months or so many miles, your engine will run stronger, longer and more efficiently.


So what do regular oil changes do for your vehicle? For starters, they ensure that your car's vital engine parts stay well-coated, protecting them against the excess heat and friction created during normal running conditions. Over time your engine oil begins to thicken and breakdown, taking more time to coat critical engine components and becoming less effective. If overlooked long enough, the resulting engine wear could lead to costly damages or even an entire engine replacement. But there's no need to let things go that far, simply call A&A Auto Repair to schedule your next oil change.


CheckmarkTransmission Services

At A&A Auto Repair we provide light transmission repair and replacement services. Much like oil changes, vehicle manufacturers strongly recommend regularly scheduled transmission services. Your vehicle's transmission is nothing to take lightly, it contains many interconnected parts that are constantly interacting with other components… in other words, it can be costly to repair or replace if not properly maintained. Our professional transmission services include:

  • Transmission Fluid Changes
  • Transmission Flushes
  • Transmission Replacement


CheckmarkPower Steering Repair

Steering in today's modern vehicles shouldn't become an upper-body workout, so if steering you're car is becoming increasingly difficult here's a good chance you have a power steering issue. Our service experts understand the ins and outs behind today's power steering systems and are able to perform a variety of repairs.

  • Power Steering Flushes
  • Power Steering Pump Replacement
  • Power Steering Diagnostics
  • Hose & Line Repair / Replacement
  • Gear Box Repair
  • Rack & Pinion Services

At A&A Auto Repair we can get your vehicle effortlessly driving straight, turning left, or steering right in now time.


CheckmarkSuspension Services

As your driving down the road you shouldn't feel like you're on a trampoline or an amusement park ride every time you roll over a little bump in your path. This less-than-smooth ride is more than likely attributed to bad suspension and is often a sign that replacement shocks or struts or needed. Whether you're vehicle relies on shock absorbers or utilizes a strut-based system, our technicians at A&A Auto Repair in Faribault have the suspension expertise you need.

  • Inspection - Shocks & Struts
  • Installation of Replacement Shocks
  • Installation of Replacement Struts
Air Filters